An Active Stimulating Retirement

​These retired athletes will have the opportunity to do more than just run and play.  With an average annual snowfall of 68 inches in northeast Ohio and the vast Cleveland Metroparks system many opportunities exist for plenty of four season outdoor adventures.



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The Vision

Plenty of secure outdoor fun

Inspired by the 7 acre dog park that Trouble loves, both wooded and open areas are where these dogs will spend the majority of their day.  Running, playing, exploring or lounging in the sun.  This environment is the largest contributing factor in Trouble's amazing transformation from sled dog to a sweet retired companion.  Each dog will have his or her own secure climate controlled indoor home to rest eat and sleep in.  Although these dogs are very active and social they also require rest in a safe secure environment.

Photo of Trouble at Carolyn Ludwig Mugrage

Park in Medina, Ohio. Medina Ohio Parks