Piper is a calm confident retired dog who's learning the ropes of retirement with the help of her friend Trouble.  She can be shy in some situations and definitely takes cues from her human counterparts.  She just joined us in April of 2016 so check back for updates on her new adventures!  Piper was a lead dog and is a veteran of several mid-distance races and glacier tours.

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Although Trouble is a very shy dog once he gets to know someone he'll return to them again and again.  It's taken a lot of patience to allow him to grow and adapt at his own pace but the results are so rewarding.  Trouble now enjoys visiting new places especially the classroom for educational programs.  Trouble was a team dog and is a veteran of several Iditarods as well as many mid-distance races.

Jalapeño is an extremely athletic retired sled dog, one of the best of his litter and son to the mushers first lead dog.  Unfortunately he suffers from from degenerative vision loss but don't let that fool you, he can still run in harness better than any other.  He's very affectionate and silly but much bolder than our other residents.  He joined us in January of 2017 and is learning the ropes from Trouble and Piper.

Piper Born May 2011

Polly Born December 2006

Jalapeño Born June 2012

Polly was a lead dog and won the Jr. Iditarod in addition to running the Iditarod in 2014.  She's a little shy but when she comes out of her shell is silly and playful.  She can be bossy at times but has been an outstanding addition to our pack.

The Residents

Trouble Born July 2006