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  It started with a single retired iditarod veteran


Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio I was aways fascinated by Balto of Nome serum run fame who spent his final days in Cleveland, little did I know at such a young age that his legacy which spawned the Iditarod Trail Race would come full circle in my life. 

I adopted Trouble, a four time Iditarod veteran, in May of 2015 and like Balto he started the next chapter of his life in Cleveland. Over the ensuing months we spent our time slowly growing together (and in most cases me learning more from him than he ever could from me). The things he's done in his life never cease to amaze me and his intuitiveness and sensitivity are awe inspiring.  One night while watching a news story about a  facility for retired race horses I realized that retired sled dogs deserve the same. 

Our vision is to foster a comfortable familiar environment for these amazing retired sled dogsin safe natural surroundings where they can enjoy their lives as part of a well adjusted pack. With plenty of activities from playing to exploring or just relaxing indoors and out. We've created a haven that allows these amazing dogs to thrive.

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